Balkan Fields

               About Balkan Fields

Dean Brown    tambura, guitar

Melinda Fields    accordion

Mel Fitzhugh    electric bass

Henry Goldberg   tupan, darbuka, riq Melinda Hunt   vocals

Ralph Iverson   violin, gadulka, sax

* For Dancing and Listening
* Versatile & Multi-talented
* Bulgaria, former Yugoslavia, 


Balkan Fields performs pan-Balkan music which is fresh, exciting and perhaps somewhat new to dance audiences.  Along with well-loved standards, the group also includes arrangements and original compositions by group members, Bulgarian pop tunes, accordion/violin duos written by Ivan Milev, and some “off-the-beaten-track” Balkan tunes which work really well for dances many people who love Balkan dancing already know.  Some were recovered from old ailing cassettes (remember those?), some were brought back from various workshops here in the US and abroad.


Individually, each member of the group became spell-bound at some point in their lives by the driving irregular rhythms, haunting melodies, unique instrument combinations and exotic scales found in the music from this region.  This multi-cultural experience has been life-changing for each musician, resulting in frequent trips to the Balkans, the purchase and mastery of ethnic instruments, novel spice combinations in the kitchen, periodic stabs at Cyrillic, the discovery of rakiya (really strong plum brandy) and inclusion in the wonderful Balkan-American community that sustains Balkan music and dance addicts throughout the US.  Sharing this passion with American audiences is always a joy.


 CD or downloads available through CD Baby under the title Balkan Fields.


"Byala Roza" : Golden Festival 2016

"Majstore Majstore" : Golden Festival 2016

"Davaj Chicho" : Golden Festival 2016


"Plovdiv Rachenitza" : Golden Festival 2015

Somerville MA Squeezebox Slam Summer '15


Saturday, Jan. 18th,

Golden Festival

7 PM in the Rainbow Room

Grand Prospect Hall

Brooklyn NY

Friday, March 13th, 8-11 PM

Suzanne Patterson Center

1 Monument Dr. Princeton NJ


March 21st

Balkan Music Night

Concord, MA


Friday April 3rd, 7:30-10:00 PM


YWCA, 44 Washington Ave.

Schenectady NY


Saturday, April 4th, 7:30-10:30 PM


Whately Dance Barn, Whately MA



Saturday, April 25th, 8 PM, lower gym

NEFFA, Acton Boxborough Regional High School



Saturday, June 6th

Fabric of Life Barn Dance (MA)

(check back for details)



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